Prussian Girl (strangeoutsider) wrote,
Prussian Girl

George Harrison- 6 years after.

with a very good timing indeed, yesterday the copy i ordered of "The Concert For George" arrived.

he was the greatest beatles of all. no matter how popular lennon/mccartney tunes are, my faves were by George.

Grande George.

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He was definately a really amazing Beatle!!! I love him! My mom really loved him though, he was her favorite. And he was amazing at guitar!!!
i cried so many times while watching the Concert for George. Its so fantastic.
A pesar que amo a McCartney (No me gusta la figura de Lennon como persona, sino que como musico... suena estupido lo se.. pero no lo soporto! no se por que xD) en fin.. George rockeaba.
te entiendo demasiado. lennon activista/pacifista/etc es demasiado sobrevalorado